INK Experiment Duo

Ivana Bilić and Nikola Krbanyevitch started their cooperation in 2014 led by their curiosity for multicultural and musical diversity and improvisation.Duo The INK Experiment has appeared at international festivals in The Netherlands, Germany, USA and France (Amsterdam Marimba Weekend, WestfalenClassics, PASIC, l`Ateliers) They are currently in residence at the Regional Conservatory for Music and Dance (CRD)in Evreux, France. In 2016/2017.  the duo has several  interesting projects  in France and Croatia – INKarnation - new tango crossover with bandoneonist Guillaume Hodeau,  RocK INg – percussion arrangements of rock classics from the 70-ties with the percussion ensemble Sudar and ElektroINKeMenT with Mathieu Teissoniere and residences in the Scene Nationale Evreux/Louviers.

NIKOLA KRBANYEVITCH is a France based musician, versatile percussionist and drummer. He has performed with various chamber ensembles and participated in world premieres of several productions (Ur, Les sables calligraphes and Le passé invisible in Nîmesu; Le Temps des Gitans Emira Kusturice in the Paris Opera; D`Un Etrange Dialogue on the festival « Aujourd’hui Musique » in Perpignanu etc).

His interest in multicultural and crossover projects led him to the creation of Balkan Project Orchestra where he was the artistic leader. Nikola is active as a player in orchestras (Youth Philharmony B. Pascan, Belgrade Philharmonic, Orchestre Symphonique de Nîmes, Orchestre Symphonique Contrepoint, Orchestre Lamoureux, etc), brass bands (Æolus) and as a singer in vocal ensemble (Antiphona) in France and Serbia. Following his early studies of piano, theory and percussion in Belgrade he has earned his artistic and pedagogical degrees in the Conservatories of Montpellier, Perpignan and Toulouse.  He is currently leading the percussion program at the Conservatory of Evreux in Normandy and is very active in the Board of the French Percussion Association.

In 2014. starts his cooperation with Ivana Bilić in INK Experiment Duo followed by appereances on international festivals (Amsterdam Marimba Weekend/The Netherlands, Westfalen Classics/Germany, PASIC Indianapolis/USA, l`Ateliers/France etc) with several residences at Le Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental d `Evreux and Scene Nationale Louviers and ongoing projects  (concerts with the choir la Maitrise de Seine Maritime, appereance at the International Patagonia Percussion Festivalu u Argentini and a crossover tango project).