The 10th Ferdo Livadić 2013

Selected competitors for 10th Ferdo Livadić

Samobor, June 11th, 2013.

Jury of 10th International Competition of Young Musicians "Ferdo Livadić" consisted of Vladimir Kranjčević, Zlatko Madžar, Ivana Kocelj, Krešimir Seletković and Branimir Pofuk chose competitors for this year's competition (in alphabetical order):
MIA ĆOJBAŠIĆ (accordion)
ŠPELA MASTNAK (percussion)
IVAN MUČIĆ (trombone)
DUO Furioso (accordion)
DUO Bratković-Kljaković (violin, piano)
DUO Adamović-Šoša (violin)
Concerts of selected competitors are on September 9th and October 1st in the Gallery Prica, Square Matice Hrvatske 6, Samobor, starting at 5PM (every day four competitors) and the final evening of the 10th International Competition of Young Musicians "Ferdo Livadić" and the announcement of the winners is on September 10th in the Franciscan Church, Milan Lang street 18, Samobor, starting at 8PM.


10th International Competition for Young Musicians Ferdo Livadić is now open for entries. The competition is open for all performing musicians who will on 31st December 2013 be 26 years of age or younger. Application deadline is 1st June 2013. The competition will be held during the 38th Samobor Music Festival, from September 28th to October 12th.

Awards: 25 000 kn, recitals on Samobor Music Festival, premiere of new composition written by Dubravko Detoni with Cantus Ensemble, and concerts at Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Osor Music Festival, as well as a concert in 2014/15 season of Cantus Ensemble.