Rules of the Ferdo Livadić International Competition of Young Musicians

For the most outstanding musical personalitiy


General regulations


The Ferdo Livadić international competition of young musicians is a key component of the Samobor Music Festival program, which consists of 6 concerts of a competitive nature. The competition is intended for young musicians of all music disciplines, aged 28 or younger, turned in the year of the competition.

The goal of the Competition is to select and promote the most outstanding musical personalities among musicians.

The participants perform in front of an audience and judges. The duration of the recital is up to 45 minutes.

Former winners of the Ferdo Livadić International Competition may not enter.


Registration of competitors


① The competition is open to the applicants not older than 28years

② The following materials (all in English) must be submitted by applicants:  

-        Completed application form (download from the official site: , copy files are acceptable) 

-        Personal Resume (English or Croatian) on CD or USB stick

-        A photo taken in high resolution on CD or USB stick

-        program the candidate will perform at the competition on CD or USB stick

-        video recording with at least two compositions of varying character lasting up to 15 minutes (DVD format, NOT older than 12 months, recorded in one frame without additional editing, with high sound quality – 44.1kHz, 16bit, AVI or MP4 format). The recording does not need to include the compositions which candidates will apply for the competition. All recordings must be clearly labeled with applicant’s name and repertoire. Recordings created on cell phones, compromised formats and low quality of audio/video recording will not be accepted. In case of an unacceptable recording, the entire application will be dismissed.  


③ The application materials must be sent to the Samobor Music Festival  by registered package or express delivery. The application deadline is June 29, 2018. The application materials will not be returned.


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④ Applicant should ensure that the contents of the application form are true and effective. Application that do not contain all the materials listed above will not be accepted.


⑤ Acceptance

Following the admission of all the applications, the judges will select six (6) participants.

A jury will make a selection based on the DVD videos submitted by the applicants. Accepted applicants will be informed via email of the result of the pre-selection by July 20, 2018.

Jury decision will be simultaneously published on the website of the competition

Final round of Ferdo Livadic International Competition will be  on September 2018.


Program regulations

Participants will propose program of their own choice, but at least one composition by a Croatian composer is obligatory. If participants need help to find adequate composition by  a Croatian composer, they can submit a question to, or

The jury evaluates: artistic personality in program selection and performance, choice of the composition of Croatian author, stage performance, communication with the audience, and overall realization of the recital.

The duration of the recital is up to 45 minutes.



The Ferdo Livadić Award (for the best performer/winner) consist of:

-        2000 € taxes included

-        Concerts on Dubrovnik Summer Festival (Croatia), Samobor Festival (Croatia), Osor Festival (Croatia) and  St. Marko’s Festival (Croatia)

-        Concert with the Cantus Ensemble

-        New composition composed for the best performer/winner (and chamber orchestra) written by Zoran Juranić will be premiered by the winner and Cantus Ensemble on Samobor Music Festival 2019.


Award of the City of Samobor and Croatian Composers' Society (for the best performance of a composition written by a Croatian composer):

-        1000 € taxes included

-        Concert on next edition of Samobor Music festival 2019.


The Jury

The Jury consists of five (5) distinguished experts from various musical departments and decides on both awards. The Jury will elect a chairman amongst themselves. After the judging is complete, the chairman will write an explanation of the commission's decision. The decisions made by the Jury are final and any objections will not be considered.


Executable regulations

-        The Samobor Music Festival will deal with all administrative affairs regarding the realization of the competition.

-        Competition Secretary shall perform all administrative tasks related to the implementation of the competition.

-        The winners of the competition are obliged to participate, without payment, in the following year's Samobor Music Festival.

-        All participants of the competition and artistic associates agree to participate, without payment, in live or recorded radio or TV broadcasts.



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