Jan Niković will premiere a specially comissioned composition at the Samobor Festival 2024.

Based on the rules of the International competition of young musicians “Ferdo Livadić” of the Pučko otvoreno učilište Samobor, published on the website of Samobor Festival, the judging committee consisting of: Srećko Bradić (chairman of the committee), lvana Kocelj, Branko Mihanović, Tomislav Fačini and Sreten Krstić, made the following decision:

1. The “Ferdo Livadić” Award is awarded for the best concert performance according to the decision of the judging committee in the amount of €2,000.00 gross (15,069.00 HRK, conversion rate €1=7.53450 HRK).
The best concert performance at the 20th “Ferdo Livadić” competition of the 48th Samobor Festival was shown by


2. The City of Samobor Award is awarded to the performer of the best performed work by a Croatian composer in the amount of €1,000.00 gross (HRK 7,534.50), sponsored by the City of Samobor and the Croatian Society of Composers.
The performer of the best performed piece by the Croatian composer of the 20th International competition of young musicians “Ferdo Livadić” 48th Samobor Festival is




Our jury

Tomislav Fačini

Tomislav Facini

Branko Mihanović


Srećko Bradić

Zagreb, 06.11.2015 - Portret Srecka Bradica u njegovom domu

Sreten Krstić

sreten Krstić

Ivana Kocelj

Ivana Kocelj
Competition rules

Entry deadline: June 25th, 2023

01 General regulations

The Ferdo Livadić international competition of young musicians is a key component of the Samobor Festival program, which consists of 6 concerts of a competitive nature. The competition is intended for young musicians of all music disciplines, aged 28 or younger, turned in the year of the competition.

The participants perform in front of an audience and judges in an all-evening concert performance. Prize winners of previous Ferdo Livadić competitions cannot enter the competition.

02 Registration of competitors

The application consists of: full name and surname of the candidate, postal address, e-mail address, and phone number. The application MUST include biography, high-resolution photograph and program which candidate will perform at the competition and a video recording with at least two compositions of varying character up to 15 minutes in duration (video not older than 12 months, recorded in one frame without additional editing, with high quality of sound – 44.1 kHz, 16 bit). Compromised formats and generally poor audio and video recordings will not be accepted. In the case of an inadequate recording, the application will not be accepted.

The recording does not need to include the compositions which candidates will apply for the competition. The organizer will not return the recordings.

All applications are to be sent via mail: sgj@samobor.hr until 25th of June, 2023.

Following the admission of all the applications, the judges will select six (6) participants. All candidates will be notified of the results within 15 days of the application closing date.

03 Programme regulations

Participants will propose programmes of their own choice, but at least one composition by a Croatian composer is obligatory. The jury evaluates: artistic personality in programme selection and performance, choice of the composition of Croatian author, stage performance, communication with the audience, and overall realization of the recital.

The duration of the recital is up to 45 minutes.

All participants of the competition and artistic associates agree to participate, without payment, in live or recorded radio or TV broadcasts.

04 Awards

The “Ferdo Livadić” Award for the best concert performance:

  • 2 000 € gross (15 069 HRK gross; 1 € = 7,53450 HRK)
  • 4 concerts performances: Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Samobor Festival, Osor Music Festival and Zagreb Soloists in 2024/25 season
  • a new composition (commissioned by SGJ) for the winner of the Competition, which the winner will premiere at the Samobor Festival 2024

The “City of Samobor” Award for the best performance of a piece written by a Croatian composer:

  • 1 ooo € gross (7 534,50 HRK gross; 1 € = 7,53450 HRK
  • concert on Samobor Festival 2024

05 The Jury

The Jury consists of five (5) members.

The jury consists of distinguished experts from various musical departments.

The Jury will elect a chairman amongst themselves. After the judging is complete, the chairman will write an explanation of the commission’s decision.